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Superabsorbent Doggy Bag : Large
This is the amazing, superabsorbent Doggy Bag. It is the very best pet care / cleaner available today. It helps keep your pet, car and home spotless after walkies, bath time and more. All you do is unzip the bag, place your pet inside the bag, zip it up and rub them down. It dries your pet off in just a few minutes and out them come clean and dry. This bag really, really works and works better than anything else available. After the first couple of times most people find that the pet actually likes going inside the bag (as they get a rub down/fuss when then are in it) which makes it even easier to use. The bag drys your pet far quicker and more efficently than a towel. The bag complete encases your pet so it is dried all over. Not only does it do a better job, much quicker but the bag only needs to be cleaned 5 or 6 times a year rather than every time if you use normal towels.
The bag absorbs up to ten times more water and slobber, but sand and mud too Leave it in the car, zip your pooch up and mans best friend will be dry before you get home Great after bath time too. The bag is made from premium quality microsofibre material with a unique mixture that enables it to have the best properties from towels and microfibre.

Dries and cleans your pooch in minutes
Ideal to keep in the car for after walkies
Made for dogs who love a swim
Contains the mess, mud and sand
No more wet smelly towels - Just shake out after use
Maintenance free
Machine washable up to 90
Available in 5 sizes

Materials and Dimensions
Typical dog: Labrador, Border Collie, Boxer, Basset Hound, Bearded Collie
Length: 107 cm.
Height: 82 cm.
Neck: 56 cm.